Gerai Cerdas

 Hardware Innovation Facilitator 


We help you to find the perfect idea and define all requirements to start dev.


Industrial Design of your hardware and app based on your idea and requirements

Here's How We Solve Your Business Problems

With our Visual Innovation Thinking tools, interdiciplinary team, and more than 13 yrs experiences in hardware development. We provide innovative solution for your business in this Industry 4.0 era.

Creating IoT device? Sustainable Innovation? without investing in technical specialists, departement, tools, times, and failures. We're here. Test your idea in 5 days with us.

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We develop Electronic, Mechanic. Collaborate with your IT departement


We build and Prototype your working hardware samples or mock-up


Integrate into your business process


Mass Production, assembly and test


Gerai Cerdas

Hardware Innovation Facilitator

Product & Services

Prototyping Components Supplier, Innovation Consultant, IoT Expert, PCB Contract Manufacturer

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