Electric Solenoid Valve

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This 12-Volt DC electric solenoid valves with barbed inlet and outlet ports are great for projects! These types of valves are often used for automatic faucets, foot operated faucets, drinking fountains etc. However, they work great for almost any project requiring a 3/4" solenoid valve.

Technical Specifications:

Working voltage DC12V
Maximum current 450 mA
Operating Mode Normally Closed
  (Valve opens when energized)
Inlet/Outlet Ports external diameter 3/4"(19mm)
Weight 103 g
Materials Nylon/ Stainless Steel/Polyoxymethylene
Value Type Diaphragm Valve (Servo operated)
Filter Screen Stainless Steel Inlet Filter
Suitable Media Water, Very Low Viscosity Fluids
Temperature Limitations Maximum Fluid Temperature 120°C
Valve Response Time Fast Acting
Pressure 0.02~0.8MPa
Estimated Valve Life More than 200,000 Cycles


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